Children's-Georgia Tech-Emory Pediatric Nanomedicine Workshop - "What Can Nano Do For You"

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Organizers:  Gang Bao, PhD; Wilbur Lam, MD/PhD; Kevin Maher, MD; Paul Spearman, MD
Advances in pediatric healthcare through nanomedicine will revolutionize our understanding and treatment of all types of pediatric disease.  Pediatric clinicians from all subspecialties are therefore encouraged to attend.
1.  To bring together physicians caring for children and engineers/scientists in nanotechnologies to develop collaborations, aiming to advance the science and practice of pediatric medicine.
2.  To develop novel technologies for the diagnosis, management, treatment, and prevention of pediatric diseases.

Registration deadline:  May 4, 2011

To register, visit:  CPN Workshop


Tentative Agenda
11:30-12:00     Lunch and registration
12:00-12:20     Plenary Session: Introduction to nanomedicine (Gang Bao)
Overview of nanotechnology and nanomedicine; What is nanomedicine? What are some of its implications to clinical medicine?
12:20-01:00     Plenary Session: Disease Overviews
Examples of major problems to be solved in pediatric medicine
12:20-12:30     Bill Woods (Cancer)
12:30-12:40     Kevin Maher (Pediatric heart disease)
12:40-12:50     Paul Spearman (Infections)
12:50-01:00     Nael McCarty (Single-gene disorders)
01:00-02:40     Plenary Session: Nano/Micro Technology Overviews
Short talks about different nano/micro technologies that can be applied to pediatric medicine
01:00-01:10     Mark Prausnitz, “Microneedle technology for influenza vaccination and insulin injection in the skin and retinal targeting in the eye”
01:10-01:20     Ravi Bellamkonda, “Harnessing the nanotechnology to control tumor migration”
01:20-01:30     Todd Sulchek, “Atomic force microscopy in cell and molecular biology”
01:30-01:40     Wilbur Lam, “Microfluidic technology in biomedical research”
01:40-01:50     Niren Murthy, “New strategies for imaging bacteria and treating cancer”
01:50-02:00     Mike Davis, “Cardiac drug delivery using biomaterials”
02:00-02:10     Phil Santangelo, “Virus replication and the host response at the single molecule level”
02:10-02:20     Todd McDevitt, “Engineering the environments of pluripotent stem cells”
02:20-02:30     Tom Barker, “Development of novel molecular probes that target the provisional matrix”
02:30-02:40     TBD
02:40-03:00     Break
03:00-04:00     Breakout Session I:  Medical Problems and Possible Solutions
Physicians describe specific diseases, problems and discuss with engineers for possible solutions.
Four breakout groups: Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Infections, Single-gene Disorders
04:00-04:10     Break and Regroup
04:10-05:10     Breakout Session II:  Nano/Micro Technologies and Applications
Engineers describe specific technologies/methods and discuss with physicians on possible solutions to diseases detection and therapy.
Four breakout groups: Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Infections, Single-gene Disorders
05:10-06:00     Panel Discussion
06:00              Meeting adjourn



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