New Travel, Expense Reimbursement System Launches

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Gone are the days of submitting your travel authorizations or expense reports using a paper-based system.

Last week, Business Services launched a new Web-based system for submitting this information. The goal is to streamline the process and reduce the time it takes to approve requests.

“Employees and their administrative preparers will be able to easily see the status of all requests, every step of the way,” said Sharon Jackson, director of accounts payable and travel for Business Services.

With the exception of the Athletic Association, all employees will be able to create, view and maintain authorizations and reports through the new system, which can be accessed through the Administrative Systems Toolbox in TechWorks.

“One of our main problems has been that travelers often had a significant delay in reimbursement, because departmental approvers weren’t on campus and able to sign the paper travel expense statement,” Jackson said. “But this system allows for approvals from anywhere there is an Internet connection.”

Authorized supervisors and financial approvers will be able to click on a “Worklist for Approvers” button to view and approve any requests that have been assigned to them.

Classroom training sessions on the new system are scheduled through June, and online tutorials are available for specific topics, such as “How to Create a New Authorization for Domestic Travel” and “How to Create a Travel Expense Report.” For more information on either training option, visit  

If you have questions or feedback regarding the new system, send them here.



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