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GaP Seminar

Ashley Allen - Advisor:   Robert Guldberg, PhD

"Bioluminescent Tracking of hMSCs for Bone Tissue Regeneration"

Bioluminescent imaging allows for non-invasive, longitudinal tracking of hMSCs delivered in vivo is a  strategy that can be used to screen cell delivery vehicles for application in critically-sized bone defect therapies.

Laura Hansen - Advisor:  Rudy Gleason, PhD

"The Mechanical and Structural Effects of HIV-1 Proteins and AZT on Murine Carotid Arteries"

While the development of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) has increased the life expectancy of HIV patients, a new complication has emerged: higher incidence rate of early onset cardiovascular disease. Therefore the objective of my work is to investigate the effects of HIV proteins and the antiretroval drug AZT, on the mechanics and microstructure of murine blood vessels.


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