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Prepare yourself for a night of new musical instruments, robotic musicianship, and music technology at Listening Machines, Georgia Tech’s annual concert produced and preformed by students in the Master of Music Technology Program. This year's program features computer vision technology... using Microsoft Kinect cameras, performers will produce music with gestures and free body movements.

Featured Performances

Music for Kinect, Four Hands- Nathan Weitzner, Sidharth Subramanian
Two performers use their hand movements as controls for real-time composition, improvisation, and performance. The music is a manifestation of each performer’s individual choices blending into the composition through the interdependence of harmony and melody.

MISTory- Yingja Liu, Sisi Sun, Kai Sheng, Mason Bretan
Body poses and hand gestures are used to manipulate a simulated visual of smoke. As the smoke moves and changes audio is generated and morphed. The end result is a sonic “story” derived from the performer’s movements and simulated visuals.

Game Room- Andrew Colella, Aaron Albin, Luke Heerman, Neeraj Vaidya
Players match each others’ rhythmic movements in this musical adaptation of the game “horse”. As players challenge each other sounds are activated, collectively creating an evolving musical piece.

Crossole- Sang Won Lee, Avinash Sastry, Anosh Daruwalla, Sertan Senturk
Meaning crossword of music, Crossole is a musical instrument where music is visualized as a set of virtual blocks that resemble a crossword puzzle. The performer controls music by manipulating the crossword blocks using hand movements and foot stomps.

Interpretations- Mason Bretan
Featuring Shimon, Georgia Tech’s resident robotic marimba player, Interpretations is a duet for drum set and robot. As the drummer improvises Shimon makes intelligent improvised melodic responses. The responses are based on the melodic and rhythmic interpretations of these transitions and other patterns in the drummer’s play.


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