Sung Ha Kang Wins CoS Mentoring Award


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Professor Sung Ha Kang has received the CoS Mentoring Award and is being recognized for her important contributions to mentoring junior faculty in the School of Mathematics.

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  • Sung Ha Kang Sung Ha Kang

It is our pleasure to announce that Prof. Sung Ha Kang is being recognized for her important contributions to mentoring junior faculty in the School of Mathematics with the CoS Faculty Mentor Award.

Prof. Kang has provided information that played a vital role in speeding up my research development and collaborations. Prof. Kang is a role model of professorship too, which means so much more than being just a  great researcher.

-Molei Tao

CoS Faculty Mentor Award

The College of Sciences and Georgia Tech’s ADVANCE program jointly established the College of Sciences Faculty Mentor Award to recognize exceptional efforts and achievements by College faculty members engaged in the mentoring of other faculty.

I feel Sung Ha is very encouraging and empathetic, and I can feel a strong support and caring from her!

-Beibei Liu


Prof. Sung Ha Kang

Sung Ha is a Professor in the School of Mathematics whose research interests include numerical methods and scientific computing: New modeling of functionals, mathematical analysis and numerical simulations for applied problems; Mathematical approaches to image processing; Variational functional and PDE based methods for various problems arising in image restorations and segmentation: denoising, deblurring, inpainting, color image, video, shape analysis, texture, multiphase image segmentation and various extensions. Sung Ha is also the Computational Sciences and Engineering (CSE) Coordinator for the School of Mathematics and an organizer for GT Mathematics and Applications Portal (GT MAP).

Prof. Kang has been providing great mentoring and support as a senior colleague working in close areas. She is inspirational and always ready to offer help and advice. 

- Wenjing Liao


Previous recipients of the CoS Faculty Mentor Award include:

  • 2021 John Etnyre
  • 2021 Ronghua Pan
  • 2019 and 2014 Christine Heitsch
  • 2018 Prasad Tetali
  • 2018 Haomin Zhou
  • 2016 Luca Dieci
  • 2014 Brett Wick

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