Neighborhood hit by mortgage crisis battles back: Professor Dan Immergluck on the longevity of the foreclosure crisis

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There's only one way in to Windy Ridge -- across freight train tracks that zipper up the subdivision on three sides. Living room windows offer views of a cardboard box factory and a Pepsi bottling plant. It's an unlikely place to come looking for the American Dream. But to appreciate Wigena Tirado's bond with this neighborhood of 133 vinyl-sided starter homes planted on a mostly treeless slope, listen to how she got there... "Lots and lots of places are going to have long roads to hoe," said Dan Immergluck, a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. "Even if you can get 100 or 200 houses in some targeted neighborhoods, or even 1,000 in a city, there's still foreclosures going on and because of the length of the crisis, it's hard to see stability."

Dan Immergluck is author of "Foreclosed: High Risk Lending, Deregulation and the Undermining of America's Mortgage Market."

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College of Design, School of City & Regional Planning

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