Keiretsu Forum South-East September Meeting

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The Keiretsu Forum South-East region holds its monthly Forum Meetings on the 4th Wednesday of every month, holidays excepted. Each of our South-East chapters, Atlanta and Palm Beach,  as well as our Mid-Atlantic chapters are welcome to attend. 4-5 pre-screened and vetted investment opportunities are presented by Entrepreneurs in various investment silos such as Technology-Internet, Life Sciences/Health Care-Medical Devices, Consumer Products, Real Estate, Cyber Security, and Social Ventures.

Meetings are open to Members, Guests, Sponsors, Partners, and presenting Entrepreneurs from any of our Keiretsu Forum Global chapters and regions.

This month's presenting companies:

DRS. LINQ Inc, Rakesh Shaw, CEO – PA
SILO: Life Sciences – Chest Pain Monitoring Device
Two-Line Company Summary:
DRS.LINQ is creating an acute mobile triage platform for chest pain by having patients enrolled on a chronic care platform directed towards cardiology. DRS.LINQ has created mHeart, it's vEKG wearable, mobile app powered by the mHeart cloud, to improve the quality of care delivered, reduce un-necessary costs and reduce the number of visits to the Emergency Room by patients, while allowing physicians and healthcare systems qualify for incentive dollars from insurers.
Business Summary: DRS.LINQ has developed mHeart. mHeart is a platform for chronic disease management(CDM) and remote patient monitoring (RPM) which also facilitates mobile triage (MT) if a patient develops chest discomfort. mHeart is comprised of a wearable, the vEKG, App and the mHeart cloud. Patients with recurring non-cardiac chest pain and patients with a history of heart disease, cardiac procedures and those at risk for a heart attack due to multiple risk factors are patients who would benefit from the mHeart Platform. mHeart will help: -reduce the cost of care for insurers, providers and patients -facilitate mobile triage - improve the doctor patient relationship -improve care coordination -provide a revenue stream for physicians through CDM/RPM

Gentle Beast Corp., Ben Green, CEO – NY
SILO: Consumer – In-Home Dog Training Platform
One Line Pitch: Peloton for at-home dog training.

Business Summary: Gentle Beast is a content + e-commerce platform with the mission to help humans unleash the good in every dog – and we're doing that in three, interconnected parts: 1. A subscription based interactive app – a trainer in your pocket 2. The first trainer-certified equipment set 3. A subscription to our purpose-built treats

Inflammx Therapeutics, Brian Levy, CEO – CA
SILO: Life Scinces – Ophthalmology Disease Treatment

One Line Pitch: Pioneering a novel upstream technology for treating major ophthalmology diseases including dry Aged Related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy, where the Inflammasome (NLRP3) pathway of Inflammation has become dysregulated and autoinflammatory.
Business Summary: InflammX Therapeutics is a Phase 2B clinical-stage biotechnology company with highly differentiated, first-in-class products based upon a novel mechanism of action called “Connexin43 Hemichannel Modulation.” This mechanism leads to a differentiated treatment paradigm which attenuates the (NLRP3) inflammasome pathway of inflammation and its devastating effects on the microvasculature. InflammX is the world leader in the therapeutic development of this technology, working far upstream from any other products in development, with a significant body of evidence for the mechanism of action

LS Instruments AG, Dario Leumann, CEO – Switzerland
SILO: Tech – Sample Characterization Analytical Instruments
One Line Pitch:
Next-generation analytical instruments for non-destructive sample characterisation in life science research, formulation development and quality control.
Summarize your business: Development and distribution of analytical instruments for the non-destructive characterization of samples in the fields of Life Science, Food, Cosmetics and Advanced Materials. In recent years, the technology has been successfully validated both in academia and with initial industrial customers

Seneca Therapeutics, Jim Hussey, CEO – PA (Update)
SILO: Life Science – Oncolytic Virus Cancer Therapy
One Line Pitch:
Seneca Therapeutics is developing the unique oncolytic Seneca Valley Virus (SVV-001) to bring the promise of immuno-oncology to more patients. Seneca is ready begin a Phase III trial in 4Q2021. The Phase III trial is a comparison of SVV-001 in combination with Opdivo and Yervoy compared to Opdivo and Yervoy alone in patients with TEM8 positive Neuroendocrine tumors. According the a recent epidemiology study conducted by Decision Resource Group, there are nearly 400,000 patients globally with Neuroendocrine Tumors.
Business Summary: Seneca Therapeutics' oncolytic immunotherapeutic (Seneca Valley Virus, SVV) has proven human safety and indications of efficacy in solid cancer clinical trials. STI has an open IND and is ready for Phase III clinical trials using SVV in combination with a checkpoint inhibitor anticipating a much better response rate over CPI's in Neuroendocrine Tumors that express TEM8.

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Due to SEC 506(c) regulations guests MUST pre-register to attend our meetings.


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