Nationalist Backlash Against Foreign Climate Shaming

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RSVP now to attend "Nationalist Backlash Against Foreign Climate Shaming" with Dr. Umberto Mignozzetti. Mignozetti is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Emory University in the Quantitative Theory and Methods Department. The event will be both in-person and online via BlueJeans. For in-person attendees, a meal will be provided. Due to the capacity of the room, only 20 in-person guests will be allowed. The in-person version of the event will be held at the West Village Dining Commons in the Ensemble Room. RSVP here to reserve your spot.

Event abstract:
Should international pro-climate actors speak up against climate rogues? Or do foreign critics risk igniting nationalist backlash against global environmental norms? We explore naming and shaming dynamics in global climate politics by fielding survey experiments to nationally representative samples in Brazil. Our results confirm the theoretical expectation that nationalism moderates how mass publics react to foreign climate shaming: individuals who are highly attached to their nation are more likely to reject international criticism than their lowly attached peers. Yet, in contrast to theoretical expectations, we show that nationalist publics prefer to reject foreign criticism rather than virulently defy the critical message. Our findings hold irrespective of the source of criticism (that is, whether the critic is an allied nation or a geopolitical adversary), and the nature of the critical message (that is, whether the cue is couched in cosmopolitan language or not). These results sound a cautionary note on the belief that liberal internationalists should tread carefully so as not to unadvisedly unleash nationalist, neo-populist, or "antiglobalist" pushback. While pro-climate foreign critics may well bump up against nationalist sentiment in climate rogues no matter who they are or how they speak, climate criticism will not necessarily fuel an all-out backlash against global environmental norms and institutions.


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