Building Technologies Research

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Georgia Tech researchers are developing new and innovative building designs, technologies, and management practices to reduce our energy consumption, improve efficiency, and create more environmentally sound residential and commercial structures. See related faculty list.

Analysis and Planning

In times of rapid urbanization, climate change, and economic instability, the need for quality thinking, improved techniques, and dedicated city and regional planning talent has never been greater. Students and faculty in Georgia Tech’s School of City and Regional Planning are dedicated to developing the next generation of urban planning, community development, and environmental protection research and practice.



Building Information Technology Systems

The Georgia Tech Digital Building Laboratory (DBL) draws upon the expertise of researchers from many academic units at Georgia Tech, including faculty and students in Architecture, Computing, Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, who work in building-related areas. Research is focused on improving sustainability, materials and construction processes to support better methods of knowledge acquisition and use



Lighting Technologies

Technology to improve the efficiency of electric lighting is essential to reduce our energy consumption. Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are widely used in many devices and are significantly more efficient than other forms of lighting. Researchers in Georgia Tech’s Center for Compound Semiconductors and Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE) are working to develop LEDs that are more cost-effective and emit light with less waste energy, enabling the semiconductor technology to be used for broader lighting applications



Heating and Cooling Technologies

Georgia Tech’s Sustainable Thermal Systems Laboratory is focused on developing novel systems and components for improved thermal energy utilization. Core areas of expertise include waste heat recovery, space-conditioning, water heating and refrigeration, automotive thermal systems, carbon sequestration and chemical processing, and aim to improve energy efficiency and sustainability.



Sustainable Design

From sustainable design and automated construction to computer-supported facility management, the School of Building Construction conducts cutting edge research on a variety of critical topics relating to the built environment.




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