Random Walks, DNA Elasticity, and the Motion of Proteins

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    • Monday March 14, 2011 - Tuesday March 15, 2011
      3:00 pm - 3:59 pm
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Elisa Fiero


Summary Sentence: Meredith Betterton, PhD - University of Colorado at Boulder

Full Summary: "Random Walks, DNA Elasticity, and the Motion of Proteins"Meredith Betterton, PhD - University of Colorado at Boulder


A particle undergoing a random walk is a classic physics problem that underlies our understanding of diffusion, the molecular nature of matter, polymer conformations, and the fluctuation-dissipation theorem. In addition to its conceptual importance in physics, a random walk is a surpisingly good model for some biophysical problems. This talk will present several examples, including DNA conformation and protein motion along a biopolymer, that are well described by a biased or unbiased random walk. I will discuss the physical theory and biophysical applications of several problems from our recent research: finite-length effects in DNA elasticity, the coupling of a biased walker with a fluctuating wall and collective effects that occur when multiple walkers change the length of a track.

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and the Motion of Proteins, DNA Elasticity, Jennifer Curtis, Random Walks
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