GT 1000 and GT 2000: Essential Courses for First-Year and Transfer Students

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Lacy Hodges, Assistant Director for Academic Transition Programs

At Georgia Tech, we have an expression: “We don’t admit students, we admit graduates.” One of the first steps a new freshman can take toward their goal of graduating with a degree is enrolling in GT 1000, our first-year seminar course. Coordinated by Undergraduate Advising and Transitions, GT 1000 is a one-hour (one credit), letter-graded course that helps first-year students adjust to a new environment and make the most of their experience at Georgia Tech. 

For more than 30 years, Georgia Tech has offered a first-year seminar. The data consistently show that students who successfully complete GT 1000 and participate in Residence Life’s Freshman Experience program perform better academically than those who do not. Through GT 1000, students learn strategies that promote academic, social, and professional success. In addition, classes employ upper-class students as volunteer team leaders, who work with the instructor to facilitate small group interaction and offer mentorship, advice, and support to freshmen. 

There are three types of GT 1000 sections: discipline-specific, cohort, and interdisciplinary. While the curriculum is the same for all sections, there are some differences. Discipline-specific sections are taught within an academic department or college and have a more specific focus on that department or college. Cohort sections are intended for students who are participating in a specific program, such as the International Plan, Living Learning Communities, or the Honors Program. There are also cohort sections for students who are considering undergraduate research programs, or those who are looking at education abroad opportunities, or students who are interested in leadership development. Students in a major that does not offer a discipline-specific section should enroll in an interdisciplinary or cohort section. Descriptions of the sections are available on our website at

This fall, there are more than 70 sections of GT 1000, which will accommodate virtually any class schedule. If your student does not register for GT 1000 during FASET, he or she will have the opportunity to register during Phase II of registration, from August 14 to 27. If you and your student have any questions about the course including registration, contact Lacy Hodges at


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