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We are excited to welcome our newest first-generation Yellow Jackets and their proud families to Georgia Tech!

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Dear Georgia Tech Parents and Families,

We are excited to welcome our newest first-generation Yellow Jackets and their proud families to Georgia Tech!

We know that this is a new and exciting journey for your student, despite the circumstances that we currently face as we start the new academic year. First-Generation Student Programs is thrilled to provide support to your first-generation Yellow Jacket and connect them to the resources that our campus community provides.

Many college students rely on family support. We encourage you to stay involved in your student’s college experience. It is important to keep up with important dates and milestones to help your student stay on track during the academic year. For example, knowing the academic calendar and exam schedule in advance allows you to ask your students questions about preparation. It also helps you understand why your student may be going through periods of stress. You can provide them with emotional support during these times. This would be a great time to send your student a care package and provide words of encouragement. We also encourage you to set reminders about FAFSA deadlines, internship and job fairs, and other campus opportunities so you can encourage your student to be prepared or get involved.

A new resource we encourage you to take advantage of this academic year is the inaugural First-Gen Jackets Peer Mentoring Program. Peer mentors are crucial to the academic, cultural, and social integration of first-generation students during their first year. Mentors are student leaders who can serve as a valuable resource and source of encouragement to your student.

First-Generation Student Programs strives to support and build community for first-generation students. Stay up to date by following @GTF1RST on Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to contact us at 404-894-5704 or firstgenprograms@gatech.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to supporting your family,

Dr. Charmaine Troy

First-Generation Programs and Limited Income Operations Manager

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