International Affairs Students Present Pro-Seminar Research at Poster Day


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On April 26, students in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs Pro-Seminar (INTA 4500) class presented their semester-long research projects at Poster Day.

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  • INTA 4500 Capstone Project Presentations INTA 4500 Capstone Project Presentations

On April 26, students in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs Pro-Seminar (INTA 4500) class presented their semester-long research projects at Poster Day.

The purpose of a project-based course taught by Associate Professor Mikulas Fabry is to enable students to produce a research paper based on their specific interests within international affairs. Throughout the spring semester, they collected and processed relevant sources; wrote clearly and concisely; enhanced their analytical, critical, and methodological thinking; practiced their public speaking; and provided constructive feedback to others. 

The course offered to International Affairs majors helps students enhance their essential skills and build an application portfolio for a job or graduate school. 

Poster Day Presenters:

  • Andrew Coco, “Are increasingly advanced and accessible improvised weapons systems a key causal factor behind modern sub-state armed groups (SSAGs) operating in an increasingly symmetrical way?”

  • Noah Crafts, “What is the role of Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and recipient governments in the development and execution of Chinese cross-border infrastructure projects?”

  • Samuel Ellis, “Should South Korea and the US have completed deployment of THAAD and how should the two nations split costs of joint military exercises going forward?”

  • Shannon Fraser, “Did the sanctions against South Africa cause the end of apartheid, or was it the result of other factors?”


  • Annie Gillani/Hana Manjusak, “Is there a link between Cuba’s struggles to provide public goods and services to its citizens and the United States’ economically-driven embargo and sanctions against the country?”

  • Anika Gouhl, “How can we adjust the mandate of international criminal law so that it addresses the largest contributors of criminality?”

  • Jacob Harrison, “Are the US Freedom of Navigation exercises in the South China Sea worth the risk of confrontation with China?”


  • Laila Jarrad, “How were some matriarchal ethnic groups in Africa able to prevent the patriarchal influences imposed by colonialism?”


  • Rachel Mohr, “To what extent do Baltic Russians identify with their nations of residence in light of Russia’s compatriot policy?”

  • Brian Summers, “What explains the US-South Korean alliance dynamics?”

  • Faiz Syed, “Have right-wing populists abandoned liberal democracy and pivoted towards illiberal governance?: The case of India”


  • Rachel Titshaw, “To what extent did the introduction of US Christian culture impact South Korea’s approach to the social discrimination of sexual minorities?”


  • Maria Winstead, “Which securitization theory of migration best explains the European migrant crisis of the 2010s?”

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