CEED P2P Graduate Biya Haile earns Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship


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CEED P2P Graduate Biya Haile earns Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans

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The Center for Engineering Education and Diversity (CEED) peer 2 peer (P2P) graduate, Biya Haile, earns the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans to continue his studies to enter the Ph.D. program in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering as the first fellow to pursue graduate degree at Tech.

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The Center for Engineering Education and Diversity (CEED) Peer 2 Peer Program 2021 Graduate, Biya Haile, is known for his diligent work ethic, depth of knowledge, and positive outlook on opportunity. This self-motivated and driven character aspect of his willingness to succeed academically is no doubt a factor in his earning the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans. We are so proud of Biya Haile for this incredible accomplishment that has been the fruit of his hard work. Biya joined CEED from his first semester at Georgia Tech and has grown from a mentee to a dedicated mentor in our mentorship program. 

Paul and Daisy Soros, Hungarian immigrants and American philanthropists, established their Fellowship program for New Americans—immigrants and children of immigrants—in December of 1997 with a charitable trust of fifty million dollars. They created the program as a way to give back to the country that had afforded their family such great opportunities.

Mr. and Mrs. Soros decided on a fellowship program because it allowed them to assist young New Americans at critical points in their educations, which they felt was an unmet need. They also wished to call attention to the extensive and diverse contributions of New Americans to the quality of life in the United States.

The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans is a $90,000 merit-based fellowship exclusively for immigrants and children of immigrants who are pursuing graduate school in the United States. The program draws more than 2,400 applications annually for just 30 fellowships. The rigorous selection process is focused on identifying the most promising New Americans who are poised to make significant contributions to the nation through their work. In addition, the selection team looks for a commitment to the United States’ fundamental principles and ideals.

Read more about Biya's multifaceted journey and achievements here.

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