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Why Just Academics Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

In what we used to think of as a “normal” world, students from a variety of academic backgrounds and schools were sought by employers. Recruiters traveled to schools for career fairs and conducted in-person on-campus interviews, and in some cases, students traveled on-site for final interviews. Yet, Covid-19 changed the entire ballgame of hiring, recruitment, and interviewing. With the job market being saturated by seasoned professionals unexpectedly furloughed or laid off, recent college graduates are in a more competitive, tougher job market than has been seen in quite a long time. Add the uncertainty of when hiring will pick back up, and this can be a stressful time for your student!

The key is for your student to both NOT over-think the process, which happens often, and to find ways to stand out. The best way to do that is to show what they can do both inside AND outside the classroom, whether through an internship, a co-op experience, becoming part of a professional association or society, or even joining an on-campus club or organization. Volunteer or mentoring experience can be exceptional on a resume, as well. Employers want and need to see something demonstrating that students have commitment outside the classroom and are able think globally versus just internally. Ask questions as to how, where, and to what level your students are becoming involved, encourage them to think outside the books, and try and meld them together. 

We are here to help provide students with the tools necessary to be as ready as they can be to enter the job market — but becoming involved outside the classroom can sometimes be the determining factor in achieving a position.

Dates: We have several workshops this March, April, and May! For upcoming workshops, direct your students to this link.

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