PhD Proposal by Dat Huynh

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    • Monday January 11, 2021 - Tuesday January 12, 2021
      2:00 pm - 2:59 pm
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
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Summary Sentence: Integrated Framework for Aircraft Design and Assembly Tradeoffs

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Dat Huynh
(Advisor: Prof. Dimitri Mavris)

will propose a doctoral thesis entitled,

Integrated Framework for Aircraft Design and Assembly Tradeoffs


Monday, January 11 at 2:00 p.m.

Aircraft passenger traffic is expected to increase and lead to demand for 40,000 new aircraft by 2040. Aircraft production rates have been rising to meet this demand, but delivery backlogs are growing at even faster rates. Large backlogs can lead to missed deliveries, canceled orders, and traffic congestion due to too few planes for too many passengers. Aircraft production rates must be increased and done so with, ideally, reduced costs.

Changes to aircraft assembly, which constitutes up to 50% of total production time and up to 30% of total production cost, during the design process can address this. Current Design for Assembly methods addressing assembly changes during the design process range from Product Lifecycle Management techniques to various methods in Systems Engineering and have been used to great success. However, few such methods consider aircraft design in their analysis, which would enable further tradeoff capabilities and greater production rate and cost improvements. Methods that do explicitly incorporate aircraft design insufficiently consider assembly sequencing, which is used to check whether the assembly is feasible and serves as the gateway into the more detailed assembly analyses.

This work proposes to establish a connection between the more detailed assembly analyses and the aircraft design process via incorporating assembly sequencing with the latter and then using the resulting integrated framework to obtain better production rate and cost estimates. This is done by first determining the correct fidelity for the assembly sequence planning such that it is able to exchange geometry information with aircraft design. Then, the assembly analysis is augmented such that it can account for the novel materials and manufacturing processes used during the design process. Afterwards, ontologies and methods that enhance communication between different assembly areas are leveraged to perform the assembly analysis more efficiently and explore the design space more quickly. Finally, the aircraft design and assembly analyses are integrated and a case study proposed where the results of the proposed framework are compared with another state-of-the-art framework's to determine its production rate and cost estimation improvement capabilities on a notional modern commercial aircraft and its production system.



  • Prof. Dimitri Mavris – School of Aerospace Engineering (advisor)
  • Prof. Daniel Schrage– School of Aerospace Engineering
  • Prof. Shreyes Melkote – School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Adam Cox – Research Engineer II, School of Aerospace Engineering

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