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"Social Media - Friend, Foe, or Both for Those Suffering from Mental Disorders?"

Elizabeth Mynatt, Ph.D. - IPAT Executive Director, Georgia Tech
Jessica Pater, Ph.D. - IPAT Visiting Research Scientist, Georgia Tech
Leanne West - Pediatric Technology Center Chief Engineer, Georgia Tech

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Social media channels including popular apps like Tik-Tok and Instagram are often double edged swords for those suffering from issues like anxiety and eating disorders. They can exacerbate symptoms, harmful behavior, and quality of life for those needing treatment or in early stages of recovery. But they also offer access to support groups and community for many survivors and those seeking to try to understand what they may be experiencing.

What role can computer science play in identifying mental health disorders including eating disorders?

What can we learn about social media’s effect on those suffering from those disorders at various stages in their illness and recovery?

Should we be more or less concerned about new outlets and platforms like Tik-Tok when it comes to development and exacerbation of disorders like anxiety, anorexia, bulimia and so on?

How does recent research compare with other real world evidence?

Sponsored by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Pediatric Technology Center with marketing partner write2market.


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