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Connecting Virtually: Why LinkedIn and Networking Are Important in a Digital World

Students should use LinkedIn for two main reasons — to expand their professional skills and to look for career/professional opportunities — so it only makes sense why it's so popular now.

At a time when jobless claims are elevating and so many have begun working from home, it’s no wonder millions of users are transitioning their networking abilities online.

In the Career Center we have noted that a majority of students who are engaged on LinkedIn are more likely to obtain a career after graduation. Once your student has created a professional profile on LinkedIn, they can set email alerts to receive notifications of recommended jobs. Students and jobseekers will be able to see the notifications on their homepage as soon as they log into their LinkedIn accounts. One of the biggest benefits LinkedIn offers college students is they can check out the pages of their targeted employers. By visiting company, pages, students can conduct a research on the whereabouts of the company, the hiring process and what people have to say about that organization. This kind of company research on LinkedIn can always keep a stay ahead of competition and increases employability.

LinkedIn reported 3x increase in LinkedIn Learning usage amid COVID-19 lockdowns. This has given millions of users the ability to specialize in specific practices, learn from others, and engage in leadership development.

Want more LinkedIn tips for students? Check out our upcoming workshop here

Dates: Check out our upcoming workshop here. Check our website for the dates for the Spring All Majors Career Fair (End of January 2021)

Think About: What skills does your student have that can be marketed on Linkedin? From academic projects to volunteer service, GT students have amazing experiences which are extremely marketable.

 The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.


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