MS Proposal by Ryan C. Sanchez

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Name: Ryan C. Sanchez Master’s Thesis Proposal Meeting Date: Friday, November 6, 2020 Time: 10am  Location: https://bluejeans.com/615651261   Advisor: Michael Hunter, Ph.D. (Georgia Tech)   Thesis Committee Members: Michael Hunter, Ph.D. (Georgia Tech) Keaton Fletcher, Ph.D. (Georgia Tech) James Roberts, Ph.D. (Georgia Tech)   Title: Frame Analysis: Revitalizing the Geometric Interpretation of Factor Analysis    Abstract: The geometric interpretation of factor analysis is mostly neglected, except when describing factor rotations. I will revisit the geometric approach in a modern context of mathematical frames and demonstrate it provides a rich structure that simplifies many of the complexities within factor analysis. Examples using simulated data will show frame analysis (a) does not require factor rotations, (b) guarantees simple structure interpretations, (c) provides a common framework for both exploratory and confirmatory methods, (d) explains and obviates higher-order models, and (e) provides a way for scale linking between inventories with overlapping items. Real-world implications will be discussed for personality factor models and demonstrated on archival personality survey data.  


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