ISyE’s Newest Undergraduate Concentration: Analytics and Data Science

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The demand for a workforce versant in data analytics continues to increase, and the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) has responded by providing undergraduates a way to specialize and market themselves in the growing field. The analytics and data science (ADS) concentration complements the ISyE bachelor's degree by preparing students to use data science to facilitate decision making and improve systems. The coursework is challenging and hands-on. Chen Zhou, ISyE associate chair for undergraduate studies, noted that considerable effort was put into creating a curriculum that prepares students to stand out in the data analytics field. Recent alumna Hannah Murray (BSIE 20) was looking for an alternative to the supply chain engineering career path taken by many ISyE students, and she decided to try the new ADS concentration. According to her, the opportunity to study data analytics — including machine learning — as an undergraduate means an introduction to topics usually covered in advanced academic study.  “My favorite part was all of the project-based work within the ADS curriculum,” Murray explained. “I got to take interesting classes that some people don’t take until grad school.” This exposure prompted Murray to continue her data analytics education by enrolling in Georgia Tech’s M.S. in Analytics (MSA) program this fall. Students with this concentration go on to careers as consultants or analysts. Companies are increasingly hiring for positions that process and analyze data, so the introduction of this concentration aims to meet this need.

Take Three with Hannah Murray

What has the MSA experience been like so far?  I have been very impressed with the MSA program on all fronts. The career advisors, the directors, my peers, and the courses have been more helpful and rewarding than I anticipated. The courses in the MSA program are also much more application-based. You do work and projects that closely resemble the work you would do in a professional environment, which is very helpful for interviews. How did the ADS concentration prep you for grad school?  The analytics concentration – and truthfully, my Georgia Tech education in general -- taught me how to think critically, know what questions to ask, and become an effective student. While learning the material is a keystone of any college experience, learning how to manage a full-time schedule at Georgia Tech is an invaluable skill that is even useful for people who go into careers outside of their major. What career opportunities would you like to pursue?  I am currently in the thick of recruiting season! There are so many opportunities in analytics and data science to be excited about that you can really have your pick of what industry you want to work in. My experience with analytics is primarily in a research and healthcare setting, so I'm looking forward to learning how analytics practices work in product-based businesses.


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