School of Computer Science Dominates at Top Databases Conference

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The School of Computer Science (SCS) is at the forefront of database research. SCS had six papers at the top databases conference, Very Large Data Bases (VLDB).

“This is the first time in the history of VLDB that we have had such a diverse and dominating presence at the conference,” said SCS Professor Shamkant Navathe. “We hope to continue this tradition of a strong presence at VLDB in the coming years."

These publications encompass many of SCS’s top research areas, including databases, systems, networking, security, and architecture.

“We have papers spanning a wide array of topics including graph systems, cloud computing, video analytics, similarity search, and database fuzzing,” said SCS Assistant Professor Joy Arulraj.

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Assistant Professor Xu Chu was recognized as a distinguished reviewer this year.

SCS presented the following papers:

ODIN: Automated Drift Detection and Recovery in Video Analytics
Authors: Abhijit Suprem (Georgia Tech)*; Joy Arulraj (Georgia Tech); Calton Pu (Georgia Tech); Joao E Ferreira (University of Sao Paulo)


iDEC: Indexable Distance Estimating Codes for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
Authors: Long Gong (Georgia Tech)*; Huayi Wang (Georgia Tech); Mitsunori Ogihara (University of Miami); Jun Xu (Georgia Tech)


APOLLO: Automatic Detection and Diagnosis of Performance Regressions in Database Systems
Authors: Jinho Jung (Georgia Tech)*; Hong Hu (Georgia Tech); Joy Arulraj (Georgia Tech); Taesoo Kim (Georgia Tech); Woonhak Kang (eBay Inc.)


Traversing Large Graphs on GPUs with Unified Memory
Authors: Prasun Gera (Georgia Tech)*; Hyojong Kim (Geroga Tech); Piyush Sao (Oak Ridge National Laboratory); Hyesoon Kim (Georgia Tech); David Bader (New Jersey Institute of Technology)


A Drop-in Middleware for Serializable DB Clustering across Geo-distributed Sites
Authors: Enrique Saurez (Georgia Tech)*; Bharath Balasubramanian (ATT Labs ); Richard Schlichting (United States Naval Academy); Brendan Tschaen (ATT Labs); Shankaranarayanan Puzhavakath Narayanan (ATT Labs); Zhe Huang (ATT Labs); Umakishore Ramachandran (Georgia Tech)


Cloudburst: Stateful Functions-as-a-Service
Authors: Vikram Sreekanti (UC Berkeley)*; Chenggang Wu (UC Berkeley); Charles Lin (UC Berkeley); Johann Schleier-Smith (UC Berkeley); Joseph Gonzalez (UC Berkeley); Joseph M Hellerstein (UC Berkeley); Alexey Tumanov (Georgia Tech)


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