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BioE Students and Faculty,
In the wake of the public tragedies surrounding the unwarranted deaths of Ahmed Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many others, as well as the uprisings around the country in protest against the systemic issues, we want to pause and recognize this moment and the impact it is having on our country, including our BioE community. Instead of moving past it as business as usual, we recognize that these events can have profound effects on our diverse community of faculty, students, and Laura, whom we love.
Compounded with the COVID-19 pandemic we are all facing, but is killing African-Americans and other people at higher proportions in this country, we recognize these events can be distracting to productivity and participation. There can also be a threat to one’s sense of safety, sense of justice, and prioritization of tasks in these disconcerting times. Faculty, we encourage you to make space for your students to share their concerns during this time, and students we validate your concerns and fears during this time, but we also encourage you to make space for each other in conversation and support.
Please know that the Bioengineering Program Leadership continues to develop a supportive, inclusive community, as we have been for years, and we recognize the important contributions of all of its members.
Please take a moment and watch Dr. Platt’s BMEs Diversity acceptance award lecture.

Black lives matter in BioE, and we all are responsible to speak up and be supportive.
We’re here,
Hang Lu - Director, BioE
Manu Platt - Deputy Director, BioE


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