Elise Li Zheng Wins HSOC Homer Rice Award

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Congratulations to Elise Li Zheng, the recipient of this year's HSOC Homer Rice Award.

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  • Elise Li Zheng Elise Li Zheng

Congratulations to Elise Li Zheng, the recipient of this year's HSOC Homer Rice Award.

Elise's nomination made clear how deserving she is of this award: 

Elise always offers help to incoming students adapting to Atlanta and offers help with some courses that can be challenging for graduate students. She has organized dinners and always offers to help those who do not have a car or who have experienced something stressful. 

In addition, Elise was part of the organizing team of Science Com Conference that took place in Athens. Her participation was crucial to connecting the Georgia Tech community with a bigger audience in Georgia and was crucial for many Georgia Tech graduate students to attend and improve their communication skills.

Elise also invests a lot of time engaging with her online community in China, which creates such a big impact by sharing her research with others.  Through her publications, people can learn more about the history of medicine and closes the gap between academia and the general public.

Congratulations, Elise!

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