Updates on Academic Advising in the School of History and Sociology

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Following is an update on registration and academic advising.  Please read this entire post.  Know that the School of History and Sociology is trying to make the transition to online-only advising as smooth as possible during these challenging times!  As always, if you have ANY questions or concerns, just email me!

1. Registration for summer and fall classes begins on Monday, March 23rd.  Time tickets have been released, so you can log in to Buzzport and see when registration opens for you.

2. We have created a Canvas site for all "HTS Major Advising" and all current HTS majors have been invited to join.  If you haven't done so already, please join the site!  It contains a wealth of information on advising, including:

  • links to all relevant documents, calendars, class information, final exam schedules, permit and overload requests, and much more,
  • a secure site for uploading official documents (e.g., change of minor forms)--just go to the "Assignments" section and you can upload an attachment safely,
  • a chat function for general questions--please limit the use of this to general, non-confidential questions only, as it is open to all HTS majors (and note that I won't be online 24/7), and
  • information on scheduling advising appointments via BlueJeans web conferencing.

3. Advising will be conducted via email and BlueJeans web videoconferencing.  Dr. D'Unger can answer many advising and registration-related questions by email. 

  • Make sure when you email that you make your questions as specific as possible and that you've done some prep-work.  If you have questions about a course plan for summer and fall, make sure you have an idea about what classes you need (check DegreeWorks) and what classes are being offered (check OSCAR and the HSOC website).
  • Note that HTS 4081 and 4814 are the two seminars being offered in the fall.  Seminars need a permit so....
  • Need a permit or overload?  Go to

4. Curious what my dogs and cats look like?  Want to check in how homeschooling kids is going?  Need a status update on how badly I need a haircut?  Have a web video conference via BlueJeans!  It's easy to do.  Just schedule an advising appointment using GradesFirst in the same way that you always do.  I will then schedule a video conference at your selected time.  You will receive an email with an invitation to the conference.  Just click on the link at the time of your appointment, make sure that your camera and mic are working (preferably BEFORE you click on the conference link) and we can talk!  I have lots of web conferences already scheduled each day, so make sure you have all your questions written down--do you prep work!  I want these appointments to be as effective and efficient as possible for you!  Please note that I will do my best to insure privacy during our discussion, but video conferencing does present some challenges and can make FERPA privacy (confidentiality) difficult.  Try to find as private a place as possible--I acknowledge that can be difficult.  By agreeing to video conference-advising, you are confirming that you understand this situation.

5. Any questions or concerns?  Email me!  I'm answering emails as fast as I can and trying to get all issues resolved.  Know one thing--WE GOT THIS!  We're all in this together and I'm here to support you (from at least six feet away) as best as possible.  Take good care of yourself and others, get some rest each night, get some exercise each day, work with faculty to get online classes up and running (we will be needing your assistance and cooperation in the coming week!), take deep breathes, and wash you hands.  ~Dr. D'Unger


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