Phd Defense by Victor Pan

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    • Tuesday March 17, 2020 - Wednesday March 18, 2020
      8:00 am - 9:59 am
  • Location: Emory University HSRB E182
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Summary Sentence: Engineering Nucleic Acid Nanostructures for Sensing and Control of Biomolecules and Their Environments

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Victor Pan

BME PhD Defense Presentation


Date: Tuesday March 17, 2020

Time: 8:00 AM

Location: Emory University HSRB E182


Committee Members:

Yonggang Ke, PhD (Advisor, BME)

Zuhong Lu, PhD (Co-Advisor, Peking University)

Khalid Salaita, PhD (BME, Emory University)

Cheng Zhang, PhD (Peking University)

Bryan Wei, PhD (Tsinghua University)


Title: Engineering Nucleic Acid Nanostructures for Sensing and Control of Biomolecules and Their Environments



Nucleic acid nanotechnology has emerged in the past decade as a powerful and versatile method to create functional and programmable nanostructures through molecular self-assembly. The research presented in this dissertation uses a specific nucleic acid assembly technique known as DNA Origami to create designer DNA nanostructures for three separate biotechnology-related applications.

The first is a rigid fluorescent barcode system utilizing hierarchically assembled DNA origami nanorods, for use in situ labelling and detection of ssDNA and various proteins. Second, DNA origami is used to control the distance between two synergistic but non-interacting proteins to study their cooperative binding to a third protein. Finally, an adaptation of DNA origami is used to create a shear flow sensor capable of producing fluorescent signal in response to fluidic shear.



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