Global Media & Cultures Hosts “The Future of Media: Careers in Atlanta's Changing Media Landscape”

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On Tuesday, February 25th, the M.S. program in Global Media & Cultures hosted a career panel on “the future of media in Atlanta’s changing media landscape.”

The panel featured a number of leading local media thought leaders, including Rose Scott, host of NPR's "A Closer Look," Saeed Ahmed of CNN's Culture, Trends, and Enterprises, and Gracie Bonds Staples of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Bringing together the city’s leading journalists, the panel discussed Atlanta’s changing media landscape, the importance of media literacy today, the value of and power great storytelling, and how these are becoming important in the workplace.

CNN’s Saeed Ahmed advised students about what to expect for their future careers. “Look for a career in media literacy, because that is going to be extremely big in the next 5-6 years. We will need people who can help us understand and sift through information,” said Ahmed.

Georgia Tech is more than just a STEM school. We are at the cutting edge of today’s media landscape. In our 1-year master’s program in Global Media & Cultures (MS-GMC), we prepare students for careers that require advanced training in communication and expertise in a particular region of the world.

The MS-GMC curriculum provides a professional foundation in media and cultural studies, along with advanced training in a critical global language. Students build a portfolio of hands-on experiences through study abroad, internships, and creative projects. This summer, MS-GMC students will be completing internships in Colombia, Senegal, and Georgia, as well as locally in Atlanta.

For more information on our graduate programs, please visit our website.


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