Students Attend Distance Math Program Applied Combinatorics Mini-Conference


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Last year, roughly 50 students were able to enroll in an applied combinatorics course, which included a Applied Combinatorics Mini-Conference.

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Over forty advanced high school students from across Georgia participated in the Applied Combinatorics Mini-Conference on Saturday November 16, 2019. These students are participating in the Distance Mathematics Program, which offers undergraduate mathematics courses through dual enrollment.

Every year, roughly 450 students enroll in this program to take linear algebra and multivariable calculus course through a distance education program supported by GT Professional Education and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Many of these students are juniors in their high school, and can go on to take more advanced courses while still in high school.

This year, roughly 50 students were able to enroll in an applied combinatorics course, with a member of the School of Math faculty, Prof. Galyna Livshyts as the instructor. The students taking this course this semester were engaged in group research projects, which allowed students from different high schools to interact with each other to gain a deeper understanding of how course concepts could be applied to other disciplines, from robotics to cryptography, to board games. Presentations from Dr. Enid Steinbart and Dr. Cam Tyson also gave these advanced high school students a broader picture of what students can do with a math major, and some of the many programs and degrees that students can enroll in while at Tech. 

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