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Article by Autumn Siebold

Sometimes, the best stress relief is sweating it out. That’s why Eugina Mendez-Ramos started taking fitness classes at the Campus Recreation Center (CRC).

“The classes offered at the CRC are one of my key methods for relieving the stress of grad student life and research-related woes,” said Mendez-Ramos, a Ph.D. student in Aerospace Engineering. “I've taken Krav Maga (an Israeli martial art), indoor cycling, Zumba, and high-intensity interval training classes — all taught by instructors with detailed knowledge of what they’re teaching. At any other gym, these classes would be unrealistically expensive.”

Whether you’re looking for some guidance on toning up or want to learn all about capoeira (a dance-like Brazilian martial art), the CRC has a class for you. Through Georgia Tech’s GIT FIT program, there are two categories of classes available to graduate students: drop-in group classes and instructional classes.

Drop-in group classes, which usually last 45 minutes, include fitness classes like indoor cycling, body toning, and power yoga. You can buy a pass to a full semester of a classes for $73, or try a three-class trial pass for just $15. Check out the group classes page for the descriptions and schedule of classes.

Instructional classes are progressive, teaching skills like kickboxing and Tai Chi over the course of a few months. Classes usually last 45 minutes to an hour. Scheduling and prices vary by class, ranging from $35 to $100. Check out the instructional classes page for descriptions, prices, and schedules for each topic.

“With GIT FIT classes, we strive to take exercise beyond sit-ups, push-ups, and intimidation, and create classes that are challenging, engaging, and even fun,” said Becky James, an instructor and personal trainer at the CRC. “These classes are also vital to mental health because of the connectivity that they provide, as they allow students to train as a part of a supportive community.”

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