Sensing For Logistics Throughout The Food Chain

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Writing for the Cool Insights column in the November/December 2010 issue of Food Logistics magazine, Gary McMurray, division chief for the Food Processing Technology Division at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, picks up a theme that John Bartholdi, Manhattan Associates Chair of Supply Chain Management and research director for the Supply Chain & Logistics Institute, discussed in the September 2010 Cool Insights column. According to McMurray, Bartholdi presented an excellent argument for how economic value can be generated by the new trace back laws and how easily this can be done by using data collected for trace back to predict forward in time the quality of the product and its shelf life. Work being done by many research groups around the world, including Georgia Tech, shows that it is possible to develop sensor hardware and software to automatically grade natural products including citrus fruits, apples, corn and jalapenos at the packing houses. The opportunity to apply new technology at the farm that enables predictive modeling of product quality and shelf life has the ability to revolutionize the agribusiness community. Click here to read the article.

This is the sixth installment of the Cool Insights column in Food Logistic magazine hosted by Integrated Food Chain center at Georgia Tech. Click here  to read more about the column and to find links to all six installments.


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