“Problem. Story. Solution.”

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“Problem. Story. Solution.”

By Jessica Barber


As the Institute welcomes the beginning of a new decade, it also welcomes a new group of dedicated student innovators. Only a few days remain until the Preliminary Round of the 2020 InVenture Prize, and in preparation for this, the Office of Undergraduate Education hosted an all-day Q&A session for students heading into the competition.      

On January 17, representatives from several teams met with Recha Reid, Program and Operations Manager for Student Innovation, in order to discuss their products, pitches, and remaining questions before the competition revs up.

“We wanted to join InVenture because we wanted to do something humanitarian, and we wanted to do something that might potentially help the world,” one team stated. This ideal was reflective of many groups’ mantras, and this year should present some of the most compassionate inventions yet.

“All the students had really robust ideas that can actually make a change in the world, even in a little way. I think their ideas are way past what we would expect at this stage in the competition, or even in their years at Georgia Tech,” Reid stated.

Throughout the day, topics ranged from poster designs to pitch suggestions and from simple advice to locating on-campus innovation resources. When asked about any surprises from the Q&A session, Reid mentioned one standout discovery.

“Surprisingly, a lot of this year’s groups actually talked to last year’s finalists to get advice, and that was unexpected. I don’t think many of the teams did that last year,” she noted. 

It is evident that this year’s teams seem to be some of the most resourceful ones yet, and the connections formed between past and present competitors should prove to be interesting in the beginning stages of the competition.

On Wednesday, January 22, the Preliminary Round will host approximately forty student teams as they compete in a round-robin-type atmosphere. Here they will receive scores and feedback on their presentations from Institute faculty before the Semifinal and Final Rounds on February 4 and March 11, 2020, respectively. 

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