MS Defense by Michael Liu

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THE SCHOOL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING   GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY   Under the provisions of the regulations for the degree MASTER OF SCIENCE on Monday, February 10, 2020 10:00 AM in MRDC 4211   will be held the   MASTER’S THESIS DEFENSE for   Michael Liu   "M-Aramid Nanocomposite Separators for Energy Storage Applications"   Committee Members:   Prof. Gleb Yushin, Advisor, MSE Prof. Preet Singh, MSE Prof. Yulin Deng, ChBE   Abstract:   Lithium-ion batteries have served as the ubiquitous energy storage medium for high energy density needs in the past two decades. Critical safety roadblocks for these devices center around the separator - the layer of material that partitions the cathode and anode of the electrochemical cell. Traditional poly-olefin based separators experience thermal shrinkage at moderately low temperatures (> 120C), high surface energy, and low ionic conductivity, imposing rate limitations on overall system cycling capability. In this thesis, I will present work on nanocomposite separators based on m-aramid & aluminum nanowire materials through relevant design, fabrication techniques, and performance/materials characterization for a thermally stable & highly ion conductive alternative.


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