Winter Brings Construction on Campus

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When students, faculty and staff return from winter break next month, those accustomed to walking certain routes across campus may find the need to get creative with their commute.

Due to a confluence of events, several construction projects located in the center of campus are scheduled to occur simultaneously. As a result, some of the primary paths for moving between east and west campus will be temporarily shut down.

The biggest lane, of course, is Skiles Walkway, a 30-foot-wide corridor that provides the most direct access between the Library and the Student Center. In anticipation of this, crews have been working to create an alternate path on the opposite side of the Skiles Building, which will tie in with existing sidewalks to shuttle pedestrians across campus.

The administration made the decision to proceed with these construction projects at once in an effort to minimize the duration of the inconvenience to campus.

“It’s not going to be pain free, but we’re working to make sure the impact on campus is as painless as possible,” said John DuConge', project manager in Facilities Design and Construction. “We have a large group of stakeholders in close communication so that concerns surrounding public safety, accessibility and space allocation are addressed in advance.”

The following is a detailed description of each project:


  • What it will accomplish: The current steam line is nearly 100 years old and is being replaced for operational and efficiency reasons. Phase one will replace a large section of line, beginning at the Holland Building on Power Plant Drive, and continuing in both directions along Bobby Dodd Way. The changeover from the old line to the new line will occur during a scheduled maintenance outage in August.
  • How long it will take: Current estimates are that the project will run from March to August 2011. However, underground projects have a greater potential for running longer because of the uncertainty involved. Once ground is broken, Duconge said, “you’re never sure what you’re going to find.”
  • Pedestrian impact: Bobby Dodd Way will remain open for pedestrians but closed to vehicular traffic (except emergency vehicles) beginning at Fowler Street.  


  • What it will accomplish: The hub will bring transportation busses and shuttles to the center of campus, and will provide students with immediate access to the Student Center, Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons (CULC), the Skiles Building and the Library. This will replace the transit hub currently located on Ferst Drive adjacent to Stamps Health Services and the Campus Recreation Center.
  • How long it will take: Construction will begin in late December 2010 and will continue through August 2011.
  • Pedestrian impact: During construction, there will be a pathway between Skiles Allee and the Student Center. The sidewalk along Ferst Drive will also be closed; however, there will be temporary pedestrian access adjacent to the project site.


  • What it will accomplish: Crews will replace the pump equipment and perform a general refurbishment of the pool area.
  • How long it will take: Work is expected to begin in January and to be completed by April 2011.
  • Pedestrian impact: Because of the limited size and scope of the project, the impact to access will be minimal.


  • What it will accomplish: This multifaceted project includes completion of the CULC and a renovation of Tech Green, which will add a series of tiered walls on the perimeter, as well as an improved irrigation and drainage system. Sidewalks, including Skiles Walkway, will be renovated according to current campus design standards.
  • How long it will take: The two main walkways will close during the semester break and will remain closed until August 2011.
  • Pedestrian impact: The Walkway will be closed for the duration of the project. Pedestrians moving between west and east campus may either use Skiles Allee — located on the south side of the Skiles Building — or follow the northern boundary of the CULC construction zone.



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