Meet ScienceMatters Winner Aditya Tapshalkar

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Aditya Tapshalkar is a third-year computer science major from South Forsyth, Georgia. He says he chose to attend Georgia Tech because he was impressed by what he observed during campus tours and visits: Students are working hard, discussing together, and the campus is diverse.

Originally a neuroscience major on a pre-health track, Aditya realized he was more inclined toward bioinformatics. As a computer science major, and recipient of a PURA award, he now conducts research in the sonification lab of Bruce Walker, a professor in the School of Psychology and the School of Interactive Computing. 

During his free time, Aditya sails on Lake Lanier with the Georgia Tech Sailing Club. Using the piano in his residence hall, Aditya also teaches himself to play the instrument.

Aditya only recently learned about the ScienceMatters podcast through the College of Sciences' Instagram (@gtsciences). Now he knows, he has plenty of episodes to binge on. 

The quiz question for episode 9 was: What is the term for abnormal protein buildups in the brain?

The correct answer is plaques. 

Join the Quiz for Episode 10

Episode 10 features the new dean of the Georgia Tech College of Sciences, Susan Lozier, and her continuing research in physical oceanography as she takes the reins of her administrative duties in Tech Tower.

Here’s the quiz question for episode 10:

What is the name of the mentorship program established by Susan Lozier?

Submit answer by 5 PM on Monday, Nov 25.

Periodic table t-shirts, must-have beaker mugs, and textured posters perfect for dorm rooms are among the prizes offered to those who are picked at random from all submitting correct answers. 


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