The Physics of the Ocean

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The new dean of Georgia Tech’s College of Sciences, Susan Lozier, has moved into her office in Tech Tower. That would be her — landlocked — office. It’s a nice office, but she has another unofficial one, and it’s a bit farther away.

How far? Try the Atlantic Ocean, where Lozier, a renowned physical oceanographer, is set to return in 2020 as the lead investigator on a major international research program.

Lozier's research into how climate change is impacting the oceans of the world and  phenomena like the Gulf Stream is the focus of ScienceMatters Season 3, Episode 10, "The Physics of the Ocean."

That title also describes what physical oceanographers study, Lozier says. This particular type of oceanography "can run anywhere from people studying about waves at the shoreline all the way to what I do, which is study the very, very large-scale ocean circulations," she says. "So I'm interested in currents that move from Antarctica up to the northern North Atlantic, or what we would say is the global ocean circulation," also known as the "global ocean conveyor belt."

Lozier describes some of the history behind phyical oceanography, a well as her busy forthcoming schedule: In addition to her planned ocean reserach in 2020, Lozier will take over as president of the American Geophysical Union in 2021. She also wants to continue a mentorship program she's established with the National Science Foundation and other federal agencies.

Each ScienceMatters episode includes a quiz that refers to facts mentioned in each podcast. A winner will be chosen randomly from all who submit correct answers. Winners will receive special College of Sciences gifts.

The Episode 10 quiz question:

What is the name of the mentorship program established by Susan Lozier?

The winner will be announced in the following week.

Submit your answer by 5 PM on Monday, Nov. 25 here.

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