PhD Proposal by Lingyi Zhao

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Lingyi Zhao

BME PhD Proposal Presentation


Date: 11/26/2019

Time: 8 am

Location: Mclntire Conference Room, Whitaker


Committee Members:

Changhui Li, Ph.D. (Advisor)

Stanislav Emelianov, Ph.D. (Co-Advisor)

Peng Xi, Ph.D.

Meng Yang, M.D.

Jianwen Luo, Ph.D.


Title: Clinical application of PA/US (photoacoustic/ultrasound) dual-mode imaging based on the handheld ultrasound system


Abstract: As an imaging modality emerged since years ago, photoacoustic (PA) imaging has evolved into a clinically translatable imaging platform, which has the potential to complement existing imaging techniques such as ultrasound (US) for detecting cancer, characterization of diseases, prognosis and treatment monitoring. Among all of the translational studies, integrating PA imaging with the traditional ultrasound handheld linear probe is always very attractive. Not only because the physicians are used to this probe, but also because it has the great potential for PA/US dual-modality imaging. This type of probe has been used to image sentinel lymph node, human vessels of the forearm and human breast.


This thesis focuses on the clinical application of  PA/US dual-mode imaging based on the handheld ultrasound system. To explore the clinical value of PA/US imaging, we first built a PA/US dual-mode imaging system based on a commercial handheld ultrasound system.  After verifying the imaging ability of the system by phantom study, the clinical study on thyroid cancer is discussed. To further investigate the clinical application of this imaging modality,  the thesis will focus on building a 3D functional PA/US imaging system to measure oxygenation saturation inside the tissue, which is closely related to cancer due to cancer’s known hypoxic nature. With the 3D functional PA/US imaging system, the thesis will then focus on the quantification evaluation of breast cancer via clinical study. Achieving these aims will broaden the potential clinical applications of PA/US imaging and advance the development of PA/US imaging system.



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