CRNCH Dominates at ARM Research Summit

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The Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies (CRNCH) had a strong showing at the 2019 ARM Research Summit. Faculty and students gave six talks and spoke on two panels at the September conference.

Centering on computing trends and disruptive technology, the summit enabled researchers, academics, and industry partners to meet and discuss their work, latest research advances, and collaboration opportunities. CRNCH researchers showcased work in architecture, tools, benchmarking, and applications for an audience working on the edge of low-power and high-performance chip designs.

"We were thrilled to see that Georgia Tech researchers were so well represented in panels on graph analytics and post-Moore and high-performance computing, as well in demo sessions and peer-reviewed talks,” said School of Computer Science Senior Research Scientist Jeffrey Young. “CRNCH has provided a great collaborative opportunity for Georgia Tech students and faculty to influence and create the next high-performance systems with industry collaborators like Arm."

CRNCH faculty participated in all areas of the summit:


  • Enabling Continuous Learning through Neural Network Evolution in Hardware, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Tushar Krishna
  • Strider: Architectures for Scalable Memory Centric Reduction of Sparse Data Streams, School of Computer Science (SCS) Ph.D. student Sriseshan Srikanth
  • Using the Spatter Benchmark Suite to Evaluate SVE Support for Gather/Scatter, School of Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Ph.D. student Patrick Lavin
  • Scaling Full-system Simulation of ARM SVE Processors Using Compilers and Runtime Tool APIs, ORNL Matthew Baker and Jeffrey Young
  • Using ARMIE for HPC Codesign and Benchmarking, Jeffrey Young 
  • Specializing Architectures for Data Analytics, TCL’s David Donofrio and CSE Senior Research Scientist Jason Riedy


Rethinking Boundaries through Hardware-Software Co-design for Productive Post-Moore Computing, CRNCH Co-Director Tom Conte, University of Virginia’s Samira Khan, RedHat’s Jon Masters, and the University of Texas at Austin’s Yale Patt

Birds of a Feather (BoF) on High Performance Graph Analytics: Algorithms, Programming, Architecture, Tactical Computing Labs’ David Donofrio, PNNL’s Marco Minutoli, Jason Riedy


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