Brittain Fellow Darcy Mullen to Participate in Sustainability Showcase

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The much anticipated Kendeda Living Building's opening will be celebrated with a Sustainability Showcase over the course of three days from October 28-30, the program of which includes the inauguration of Georgia Tech's President Cabrera. Brittain Fellow Dr. Darcy Mullen will give a flash talk on October 28th during the afternoon session, following a keynote by John Lanier, Executive Director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation.

The showcase aims to assemble, catalog, make accessible, and make available a complete portfolio of sustainability relevant research and education programs, projects, courses, personnel, and sponsors ongoing at Georgia Tech inclusive of all 6 Colleges, GTRI, the 11 Interdisciplinary Research Institutes, and all other Centers and Laboratories. The showcase will further increase internal and external awareness of individual and organizational interests, capabilities, and accomplishments in sustainability relevant research and education; and foster and strengthen collaborative and pre-collaborative relationships among investigators, prospective partners, and with potential sponsors. Finally, the showcase will increase research readiness by streamlining team building and proposal development; and provide tangible products (e.g., portfolios, videos, whitepapers, databases, contacts, lists) to investigators and instructors that can be leveraged for direct and immediate personal and professional benefit.
Dr. Mullen's talk is entitled "Service Learning and Sustaining Writing Pedagogy" and will discuss her Serve-Learn-Sustain linked ENGL 1102 courses. LMC professor Dr. Joycelyn Wilson will also be presenting during the Monday afternoon session. Please visit the Showcase's webpage for more information about the event.


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