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Baylor Reini has won quiz 3 of ScienceMatters Season 3. Baylor is a first-year biochemistry major in the pre-med track. She hails from Kennesaw, Georgia. 

What brought Baylor to Georgia Tech? "The opportunity in Atlanta offered to Tech students, through job offers and research, attracted me to Georgia Tech," she says.

"I love the podcast," Baylor says.  She listens to ScienceMatters when she walks to class in the morning. That's how she heard Amanda Stockton in episode 3, "The Search for Life at Earth's Extremes."

The quiz question for episode 3 was: 

Scientists think this region of Chile comes closest to mirroring the terrain that might be found on Mars. What is the name of this area.?

The correct answer is Atacama Desert. 

As winner, Baylor will take home a bag of prizes including a textured Georgia Tech poster, a periodic table T-shirt, a four-cup periodic table beaker mug, a ScienceMatters business card holder, note pads, and stickers. 

Be like Baylor: Join quiz 4 and bring home your own bounty of prizes. 

Listen to episode 4 then answer the quiz question:

What mathematical concept does Rafael de la Llave illustrate with the help of 15 ball bearings?

Submit answer here by 5 PM on Monday, October 14



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