Free Books Outside OCE 121

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On behalf of Larry Foster:

Please check out the bookshelf outside Room 121 Old CE, and take any books you want for free. Many of these books are excellent ones that happen to be duplicates, while others are books I no longer need.

Major topics include:

  • controversial New Religious Movements and Cults in America, including books about Mormon history and exposes of contemporary Mormon polygamy;
  • British Empire history, including the histories of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa; 
  • Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War, and other topics in early American history; 
  • US Family and Gender history; 
  • World Histories and Reference Works; 
  • the classic Little Brown biography series and the brief Bedford (and other) topical treatments of key controversies in US History; and
  •  much more, including a some of Steve Usselman’s books on the History of Technology and related topics.

Stop by as soon as you can this week, while the books last, and take whatever you want for free! 


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