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Title: WHEN AI RUNS THE WORLD: Algorithmic Harms and Policy Protections.


AI-based systems, using Machine Learning models, are powering more and more processes in our daily lives, analyzing data to recognize patterns of behavior, and making recommendations for everything from what movies to binge next to whether your loan application is approved. They are being adopted to organize global supply chains, and provide the foundation for military weapon systems. What are the risks of using this technology in ever expanding ways? What are the privacy and ethical challenges when we have only the biased data from human history on which to train them? How do we make systems that interface with individual humans in ways that don't create an unmanageable imbalance of power? Overcoming the obstacles to achieve fair and just systems that strengthen rather than fray our social structures will not be easy. We must consider these questions in the light of human rights and available governance strategies, with a clear commitment to the ideals that have enabled the growth of human freedoms.


In Ms. Brenda Leong's current appointment as the Senior Counsel & Director of Strategy with the Future of Privacy Forum, she oversees strategic planning of organizational goals, as well as managing the FPF portfolio on biometrics, particularly facial recognition, along with the ethics and privacy issues associated with artificial intelligence. She works on industry standards and collaboration on privacy concerns, by partnering with stakeholders and advocates to reach practical solutions to the privacy challenges for consumer and commercial data uses.

Ms. Leong has recently had several Future of Privacy Forum publications and has been featured in digital publications including the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. This past January, Leong along with Evan Selinger presented their paper “Robot Eyes Wide Shut, Understanding Dishonest Anthropomorphism,” during the ACM FAT* Conference 2019.

Ms. Brenda Leong received her Master of Science in International Relations from Troy State University and her Juris Doctor from the George Mason School of Law at George Mason University.


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