PhD Proposal by Feyyaz Guner

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Ph.D. Proposal

Feyyaz Guner
(Advisor: Prof. J. V. R. Prasad)


Development and Analysis of Finite State Multi-Rotor Dynamic Inflow Models


Friday, August 9 at 2:00 p.m.
Montgomery Knight Building 317


In this work, an analytical finite-state multi-rotor inflow model known as Velocity Potential Superposition Inflow Model (VPSIM) is formulated from first principles. VPSIM superimposes the velocity potentials of each rotor to account for aerodynamic interactions among the rotors. Along with the recently developed Pressure Potential Superposition Inflow Model (PPSIM), inflow predictions of VPSIM and PPSIM are compared against a high fidelity numerical model known as Viscous Vortex Particle Method (VVPM) using a coaxial and two tandem rotor configurations. Inflow predictions show that VPSIM and PPSIM are able to capture fundamental interference effects with some differences when compared to VVPM. These differences are attributed to real flow effects such as wake contraction, diffusion, and distortion, which are not included in the analytical rigid wake models, i.e., VPSIM and PPSIM. Next step is to developed methodologies to add these real flow effects into VPSIM for improved correlation.




  • Prof. J. V. R. Prasad   – School of Aerospace Engineering (advisor)
  • Prof. L. N. Sankar       – School of Aerospace Engineering
  • Prof. David A. Peters – Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Washington University in St. Louis


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