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Student ambassadors help other students get the most out of the dining program, including how best to select and use their meal plan, make connections in dining locations (and on campus) with others, find out about how to use dining for programming, and more. All with the intent of helping students make connections on campus leading to greater affinity and ultimately better persistence and graduation rates. The student ambassador program is a paid position open to enrolled students at Georgia Tech.

Student Ambassadors will help strengthen the link between students, faculty/staff and dining by helping implement the following:

Meal Plan Sales

Dining Services Student Ambassadors will also assist with meal plan sales during key weeks in the Fall and Spring semesters. The team will utilize meal plan selling technology and push our selection of meal plans to high volume areas on campus to ensure that our plans get the most exposure.

Social Media and Website

The Ambassadors will also be tasked with providing content for our social media channels to help cover dining events, promotions, and meal plan sales. They will also assist in making updates on our website.

Dining Student Ambassadors also help with…

  • Assists in connecting students with individual hospitality needs to Georgia Tech Dining resources such as dietitian and catering specialists.  We say yes whenever possible in helping our students connect to the right person who can understand the need or request and meet and exceed expectations
  • Ongoing exchange of student feedback that is used to enhance and customize the dining offerings in each location
  • Educates students on events and educational opportunities specifically held for each dining hall  
  • Works with the Institute housing team to ensure support of engagement center programming, community supported events and other engagement center initiatives
  • Connects students to dining program through individual, personalized services – Birthday reminders, personalized messages to “welcome home” students to campus after a break all while ensuring students who are staying on campus understand their dining options during  these times, the opportunity to elevate the hospitality experience is boundless…

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