World Town Planning Day 2010: A New Future for Atlanta's Transit

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Download the official World Town Planning Day flyer here!

The Student Planning Association (SPA) will host an interactive design session and panel to celebrate this year’s World Town Planning Day. The workshop will take place on November 8, 2010, joining students and professionals from all backgrounds to come up with strategies to improve MARTA’s image and future.

The goal is to generate both simple solutions such as providing a trash can at every MARTA bus stop and complex solutions such as innovative funding or walking and biking trail connections with MARTA heavy rail. After the workshop, groups will share their ideas with the panelists and put them in a formal presentation. On November 15, 2010, we will host another panel to address the proposed solutions. Both of the events will take place in the College of Architecture; the workshop will be in the Jury Gallery space on the second floor of Architecture West and the panel will be in the Reinsch-Pierce auditorium.


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