Breakfast Club Seminar Series - NEW Two-Speaker Format!

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@ 8:30  A.M.

F. Levent Degertekin, Ph.D.
George W. Woodruff Chair in Mechanical Systems and Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Georgia Tech

"Microscale Systems and Sensors for Ultrasound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging"

Levent Degertekin's group performs modeling, design and implementation of microscale ultrasound devices and integrated systems for a broad range of medical applications spanning from catheter based intravascular and intracardiac ultrasound imaging systems, ultrasound imaging of the brain and skull, to acousto-optical sensors for safer magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

F. Levent Degertekin's research focuses on understanding of physical phenomena in acoustics and optics, and utilizing this knowledge creatively in the form of microfabricated devices. The research interests span several fields including atomic force microscopy (AFM), micromachined opto-acoustic devices, ultrasound imaging, bioanalytical instrumentation, and optical metrology. Degertekin's research group, in collaboration with an array of collaborators, has developed innovative devices for applications such as nanoscale material characterization and fast imaging, hearing aid microphones, intravascular imaging arrays for cardiology, bioanalytical mass spectrometry, and microscale parallel interferometers for metrology.

@ 9:00 A.M.

John Oshinski Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering
Emory University and Georgia Tech
Associate Professor
Department of Radiology
Emory University School of Medicine

"Measuring Brain Tissue Motion and Cerebrovascular Blood Flow with MRI"

John Oshinski's research is focused on developing cardiovascular imaging applications that directly impact patient care.  His work includes development of cardiovascular imaging for understanding physiology,  elucidating disease mechanisms, and evaluating treatment efficacy.  Specific applications include development of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for assessing myocardial function and vascular hemodynamics.


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