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Jessica Faubel

TITLE Giant Hyaluronan Polymer Brushes: Versatile Biointerfaces

Lee Griffin

TITLE A machine learning based study of the local electronmechanical response of relaxor-ferroelectric solid solutions

Augustus Lang

TITLE Solution Processed Electrochromic Devices Constructed using a Bioderived Substrate Electrolyte, and Barrier Film

Felipe Larrain

TITLE Electrical doping of organic semiconductors using phosphomolybdic acid in acetonitrile leading to simplified organic solar cell geometries

Yao Ma

TITLE Creation of well-defined “mid-sized” micropores in carbon molecular sieve membranes

Kirstie Thompson

TITLE Buchwald-Hartwig Amination as a Modular Approach for the Synthesis of New Porous Polymers for Liquid Separations

Marie-Hélène Tremblay

TITLE (4NPEA)2PbI4 (4NPEA = 4-nitrophenylethylammonium): structural, NMR, and optical properties of a 3×3 corrugated 2D hybrid perovskite

Seyed Alireza Zamani 

TITLE From Micro to Macro: Evolution of Novel Material Properties During the Transition to Multicellularity


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