Xu Chu Named Inaugural JP Morgan AI Research Award Recipient

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J.P. Morgan has recently begun investing heavily in artificial intelligence research, and Georgia Tech School of Computer Science Assistant Professor Xu Chu is one of the first to receive support from the financial firm.

As one of 47 recipients of the J.P. Morgan AI Research Faculty Awards, Chu plans to further explore his research in machine learning and data management. His work will optimize machine learning algorithms to produce better results by cleaning up “messy” datasets so that data scientists can glean better insights and build better data models.

The $150,000 grant will also help data scientists better predict how data provides more insight into different sectors, like how location might affect the price of a house or credit score might determine whether or not someone is awarded a loan.

“This is my first industry award, and I am very excited about how it will help my research group continue to grow and explore ways to better interpret data. The project that this award funds is foundational to all of my other projects, and this award gives me the resources to be able to pursue it,” said Chu, an affiliate faculty member of the Machine Learning Center at Georgia Tech.

The awards were created as a part of the bank’s commitment to “give people an almost unparalleled freedom in shaping their own future – to tackle the challenges that matter to them, and solve the problems which affect us all.”



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