Georgia Tech-Lorraine: Gateway to Europe

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During the week, Georgia Tech-Lorraine students can be found on the Lorraine campus taking courses that they need for their degree, all taught in English by Georgia Tech professors. However, when classes wrap up for the week on Thursday afternoon, the students are free to travel. And, travel they do! 

From Portugal to Paris, Italy to Ireland, London to Lisbon, and more, Georgia Tech-Lorraine students have the unique opportunity to travel to a new city or country each weekend. In fact, with the help of trains and budget airlines, some GTL students have seen upwards of 16 countries in one semester. 

The GTL campus is situated on the edge of France, bordering Germany and Luxembourg, in a city called Metz. This location truly is a gateway to Europe, making cross-country travel possible in just one weekend (especially since weekends at GTL are three days long!). 

“I’ve really enjoyed the ability to turn weekends into adventures. It's feasible to leave every weekend, go a few hundred miles away, and be back in time for class on Monday without much effort. That’s not really something that is common studying in Atlanta,” Gabriel Weese, a computer engineering major from Georgia Tech and GTL Spring 2019 student, said. 

Students even have the opportunity to travel in some of their classes when professors take them on group field trips to visit sites which are relevant to their class. For example, Professor Tim Stoneman teaches at GTL and often takes his classes to visit the Airbus facility in Toulouse, France, and the BMW facility in Munich, Germany. 

Between classes and travel, students at GTL grow both academically and personally. Studying in a foreign country molds more independent and culturally aware students, which will benefit them throughout their life and career. 

“As you step outside your comfort zone, you will learn different ways to approach problems that were previously unknown and will discover how to work alongside people with different backgrounds and cultures. Most importantly, however, as you explore new worlds, you will better understand and learn about yourself, a feature that will help you become a successful professional and individual,” Valeria Boesch Neira, an electrical and computer engineering major from Georgia Tech and GTL Spring 2019 student, said. 

To learn more about studying at Georgia Tech-Lorraine, please visit or contact Allie Crain, GTL outreach coordinator, at And, don’t forget to review the parent’s page on our website.

GTL students on a class field-trip to the Airbus facility in Toulouse, France. 


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