Five Tips to Help You Maximize Your Time in the Gym

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In a time crunch but still, need to get that workout in? Have a couple of minutes in between finals and want to hit the gym but do not know how to maximize your time? We talked to Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) personal trainer, Becky James to find out five tricks to help you make the most out of your time at the gym!

Know What you are Doing

Do your research! James said, “the more you know about exercise, the more effective your workout will be.” If you do not know where to start, “attend a class or buy sessions with a trainer to learn what exercises you should be doing to reach your goals, how to do them properly, and, in the case of resistance exercises, what weight is appropriate,” remarked James.

Have a Plan

Just like you keep a calendar for the day, it is important to plan out your workout routines. “Whether you follow an app, write out your workout, or attend a class, have a plan for your time at the gym,” said James. Know what you are doing ahead of time so that you do not waste time wondering what is next.

Make Each Day Interesting

Prevent boredom and fatigue by changing up your workout routine. James recommended, “consider steady-state cardio one day, intervals on another, resistance work on other days and yoga or stretching class to punctuate the week.” It is important to keep your body and mind engaged.

Find Focus

Limit outside distractions. Take a break from responding to emails, worrying about an assignment that is due or what your plans are for Friday night. “Leave your phone in your locker and replace it with the music that makes you feel strong, unstoppable, and your most powerful self,” said James.

Rethink Stretching

Stretching is important,” said James. “If you find yourself rushing through your post-workout stretch, consider attending a yoga class or doing a stretching routine on an active recovery day to give stretching the time and attention it deserves.” Go out there and get active, but don’t forget to stretch!

If you are looking for additional guidance the CRC offers a variety of group fitness classes to help you get the most out of your workout. These classes include indoor cycling, step, power yoga, and more. All members are invited to try out these fitness classes for free from May 13-19 during preview week. For more information about our classes and preview week go to


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