10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

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The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the cherry blossoms have bloomed. No doubt about it: it’s officially springtime at Georgia Tech, which means it’s also time for spring cleaning. Cleaning up your house (or dorm, or apartment) can be rejuvenating, but what if we told you it doesn’t need to stop there? Health Initiatives (HI), believes that spring cleaning is about more than just dusting off your furniture- there’s quite a bit of spring cleaning for your life you can do too! Here are some tips to help you tidy up your space, habits, and attitude as you move forward into the new season. 

Refresh your fridge.

One place to begin your personal spring cleaning is your refrigerator! It’s easy for these to get dirty and filled with expired pasta sauces, but this Spring is the perfect time to give yours a fresh start. To begin, consider wiping it down with a mild cleaning mix. The HI dietitians Amber Johnson and Leah Galante recommend, tossing the stuff you know you don’t want, such as old condiments- and clean off what you want to save. Then, restock it with a nutritious mix of foods that make you feel good. Stock up on frozen and fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as foods high in calcium and protein. Your personal spring cleaning is also a chance to mix up your eating habits, so why not try out some new recipes? Here is a list of recipe ideas created by HI dietitian Galante to get you started. 

Detox from tech.

Another step you can take to refresh your mindset is to do a tech detox. Stepping away from technology can make for a nice change of pace, and allow you to rediscover what you love about your real-life surroundings. Set specific goals for yourself, and help yourself along the process. HI health educator Sarah Morales recommends, “uninstalling the apps you want to avoid or changing your notification settings. Before starting your detox, it’s good to think about what you’ll do with that free time- if all your hobbies involve technology, plan on taking up some that don’t.”  

Try a new hobby.

Picking up a new hobby can be really helpful with your tech detox, plus add new excitement to your day-to-day routine. Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn a new language, or improve your art skills? Now’s the time to give that a shot! Morales said, “don’t worry about being perfect at it- the goal is to gain some new skills and have fun. Who knows though, maybe you’ll discover your new passion!” 

Set aside time for self-care.

As the semester draws to a close and we get wrapped up in finals and summer plans, we might find ourselves forgetting to take time for our mental health. This spring, as the semester picks up Morales recommends, “making plans to ensure you stay happy and healthy through those extra hectic times. Learn to be aware of your symptoms of stress, as well as what techniques best help you manage it.” 

Examine your relationships.

The people we surround ourselves with can be some of the most important factors in our mental health, so this spring, it can be a good idea to look at your current relationships with a fresh eye. HI VOICE health educator Deontez Wimbley said, “ask yourself, are they healthy? Are they mutually beneficial? Do they make me happy? Now might be the time to end some toxic relationships or distance yourself from negative acquaintances. On the other hand, you might also find you want to reach out to an old friend, or contact a family member you haven’t seen recently!” 

Fix your sleep schedule.

"Setting up a consistent schedule for sleeping and waking-up, as well as designing a comfortable bedroom environment, can greatly impact your circadian rhythm,” said HI health educator, JaPeera Edmonds. “Work on practicing healthy sleep habits such as unplugging before bed, avoiding caffeine in the afternoon, and establishing a regular bedtime routine. Your body and mind will thank you!” said Edmonds. 

Organize your workspace.

Edmonds recommends, “Going through your clutter, and getting rid of all those paper scraps and dead pens. Clear off some open space to work with fewer distractions. Prioritize your workflow by putting the tools and documents you actually use in the most easy-to-access places.” Creating a peaceful and productive work-space can make the daily grind just a little easier. 

Incorporate exercise into your week.

Exercising is something you can do at any point during the day- on a study break, in between classes, or as a way to burn off stress after a day of work. Some of the simplest ways to get started are to take up walking, jogging, swimming, or going to the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC). HI health educator Jocelyn Resnick said, "our bodies are designed to move! Find an activity that feels good and brings you joy.  Exercise should never feel like a punishment. “ 

Declutter your mind.

Today’s world is full of distractions, it can be easy to find ourselves distracted without even realizing it. While prioritizing your health, work on giving your mind some quiet as well. Resnick said, “reexamine what sources bring you joy and inspiration. Consider going through your social media and reflecting on who you follow.  Do those people lift you up or tear you down?  Unfollow accounts that contribute to negative thoughts. Work on practicing mindfulness.  You can try meditating for a few minutes everyday. If you work best with guidance from others, Georgia Tech has both meditation and Yoga clubs.” 

Return to your goals and resolutions from New Year’s.

If you’re like many of us, you made resolutions at the start of the year- and if you’re also like many of us, you’ve let a few (or all) fall by the wayside. This is totally understandable! Now that the weather is nice and the world is teeming with opportunities for new beginnings, why not check back in with those goals? HI health educator Elaine Miller said, “Ask yourself, now that I’m further into the year, what might I want to change? How can I continue from where I am to move closer to reaching these goals? Hopefully, you will walk away with a renewed motivation to make yourself into the person you want to be.”  

Happy spring cleaning! HI cultivates a thriving environment that enhances lifelong well-being among students and employees who live, learn, and work in the Georgia Tech community. If you are interested in connecting with HI go to  


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