“Green” Workouts for a Healthy St. Patrick’s Day


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Take your workouts outside with outdoor recreation at the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) for a healthy and “green” St. Patrick’s Day.

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Take your workouts outside with outdoor recreation at the Campus Recreation Complex (CRC) for a healthy and “green” St. Patrick’s Day.

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Take your workout outdoors this St. Patrick’s Day! Are you the daredevil type? Are you looking for fun, unique ways to work out and explore nature? Do you want to go on an outdoor adventure but don’t have the gear for it? Then check out the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) wilderness outpost for all your outdoorsy needs! This Saint Patrick’s Day, make your workout green with the wilderness outpost in outdoor recreation!          

 The wilderness outpost is a spot where you can rent equipment, join outdoor subcommittees, or sign up for outdoor recreation instructional trips. No prior experience is needed- just an affiliation with Georgia Tech. There are rentals and instruction for eight different sports, including caving, rock climbing, kayaking, camping, and bike packing.

“Working here has changed the way I work out ... Being exposed to all the different sports and seeing all the cool people that rent gear and go do fun activities on the weekend makes me want to work out more,” said wilderness outpost manager Christine Ferguson. “Bike packing is my favorite activity! It combines elements of mountain biking and backpacking students pack up their stuff, travel away from civilization, and camp out overnight,” said Ferguson. Of course, this is far from the only unique activity offered at the outpost! “All the sports available include a highly different workout from what one might imagine for a typical CRC training period, and all involve different forms of physical activity. All are, of course, also super fun,” said Ferguson.  

If you are looking for a new way to diversify your workout especially as temperatures increase outside then the wilderness outpost is for you. At the wilderness outpost, you can rent gear and also sign up for instructional trips, which all vary in skill level. Every activity, in fact, has several difficulty levels- ranging from beginner to advanced, and, in some cases- survival, such as one backpacking trip which takes students into the wilderness and teaches them to make their own shelter.

From gear rentals to adventure trips the outdoors is calling and the wilderness outpost can help you respond! Gear reservations can be made Wednesday through Friday for the upcoming weekend and adventure trip registration opens 30 days before departure.. So what are you waiting for? Come visit the wilderness outpost and earn your explorer badge today!

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